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Point of Sale Systems for restaurants, pubs, shops, sports clubs - CompuCash

Benefits of CompuCash

CompuCash is made to ease your sales, avoid losses of money and goods, keep control of your business, integrate your processes, and enable effective, high quality service.

Easy to use
Compucash is used by more than 10,000 people every day being one of the most convenient POS system. CompuCash will save valuable time for You.

Easy to integrate
CompuCash POS makes your work easier.  You can integrate POS with your bookkeeping program, payment solution, video surveillance or e-shop.

Marketing opportunities
CompuCash supports your marketing activities. Analyse and carry out campaigns, create loyalty solutions and e-shop interfaces.

Support and maintenance services
Contract customers and count on 24/7 functioning support and maintenance service.



CompuCash is trusted by

POS rent and sales

CompuCash Point of sale systems' software can be rented on monthly basis.
The modular structure allows to combine the solution that is exactly appropriate to your business.
Hardware selection includes:

  • all-in-one computers and touch screens
  • cash drawers
  • thermal printers
  • customer displays
  • receipts printers for kitchen

• tablet PC-s
• scales
• barcode readers
• data collection terminals
• ticket printers
• video surveillance systems

Head of Division

Martin Laur
Phone: +372 5041104 
E-mail: martin.laur@ektaco.ee
Skype: Martin

Sales Manager

Rain Ruven
Phone: +372 639 7944
E-mail: rain.ruven@ektaco.ee
Skype: Rain


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Warranty, maintenance and customer support

We offer one year warranty to all CompuCash devices and Your software rental service will include maintenance. Depending on Your business needs You can also choose a 24/7 maintenance and customer support service. 

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Support Manager

Allan Kulleste
Phone: +372 639 7937
E-mail: allan@ektaco.ee
Skype: Allan