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Professional. Reliable. Sustainable.

Professional. Sustainable. Reliable.

Pannkoogimaja combines self-sevice checkout with table service

February 03, 2020

Pannkoogimaja is a cafeteria chain that just opened its third location in Tallinn. Now the hungry crowds can enjoy large, delicious pancakes and other delicious dishes in Tehnopol too.

There are many companies and workplaces in the immediate vicinity of the Cybernetics House at Tehnopol. TalTech University, with its large number of students, is also nearby. This means that there are many hungry people around, and most of them prefer to take their lunch break around the same time every day. However, nobody likes long queues and being an experienced entrepreneur, Pannkoogimaja made every possible effort available to avoid long lines during rush hours. From the opening day, the new cafeteria introduced the self-service point-of-sale in addition to the regular cash register, and this small thing helps to avoid long queues.

Smart integration of old and new in the museum of Fat Margaret!

January 15, 2020

The Museum and Visitor Centre Fat Margaret is the newest permanent exhibition of Estonian Maritime Museum. Although it has only been open for a short time, it has already become extremely popular – the average number of visitors reaches 100 people per day.

The medieval gate complex Fat Margaret is a part of is under heritage protection, and because of that, the renovation process was somewhat more complicated. The planning period itself was quite long – almost five years, and it took two years of the actual construction to get the new museum ready. During the construction work, fragments of even earlier town fortifications were found under the tower and in the courtyard. Some of them can now be seen in the museum. Great finds, indeed, but these findings also stretched the construction period to be longer. 


Work time management and working time calendar 2020

January 08, 2020

Estonian Employment Contracts Act states that the employment contracts have to be concluded in a written form, and must specify the working time that the employee performs the agreed duties. If employees are working during traditional working hours from nine to five, calculating the working time is a bit simpler, for employees who work based on the schedule a bit more complicated. Work time management and accounting can be relatively simple, even for huge companies with very complex work schedules. The Act states that the employer must keep account of the working time, but it does not set a concrete form for this, and there are several ways for this. 


Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about working time calculations